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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Say hello to my little friend!

Over the weekend we adopted a little cute, cuddly kitten from the Humane Society. We brought our little "angel" home and he was so sweet and affectionate...for two days! Then after we were already totally in love with him, the little devil in disguise let his true identity be known! He's a little terror! They must have had him sedated at the Humane Society!

OK...maybe I'm exaggerating a bit because I'm a little miffed because it is his fault I was up at 6-something this morning instead of sleeping in to my usual 7:30. To top it off I can hardly enjoy my morning coffee because he keeps sticking his whole head in my mug! Who wants it after that? I finally had to close the door to my office so that I could type without him running across the key board. Now at least I can drink my coffee without guarding it. Good thing he is so cute!

When he isn't bouncing off the walls or climbing up my legs he is actually quite loving and cuddly. He was from a litter of kittens who was found under someones deck with no mama cat in sight. The poor little guy had to be bottle fed. He is a lot smaller than other kittens his age. He was born in early-mid April but I would have guessed him to be only about 8-9 weeks old right now. It will be interesting to see how big he grows.

I still haven't gotten a really good photo of him yet...he moves too quickly! Hopefully later on I can get my son Danny to assist me in taking a few photos of him in the garden. I'll share the only couple I have so far. They named him Maddox at the Humane Society, but we're not sure if we will keep that name or not. Any suggestions?


Flossie's Follies said...

He is too cute, welcome to the world of kittens, they are really 2 year old toddlers with fur. You are right they are so cute to lull you in, wait till he starts bitting your toes while you are sleeping or is that what woke you us this morning.

Anonymous said...

Oh is he adorable! I am so happy that you got another one. Now you know why we renamed out kitty "Crazy"! I like Maddox, but he also looks like a Mad Max to me!