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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Fun at Disney's Animal Kingdom

I think the Animal Kingdom is my favorite of the four Disney theme parks. I guess because I love to take pictures and there are just so many photo opportunities there. Also, all the lush, jungle foliage through out the park is just breath taking.

I just love the Kilimanjaro Safari ride through the jungle...each ride is different because you don't know what animals you will see. Even during a walk down the paths you must keep your eyes open for unusual sightings. Luckily I was doing just that as we made our way to Africa to get on our safari ride. On the side of the path hidden amongst the foliage I spotted DeVine. Isn't she beautiful? She moves silently on stilts totally covered in vines.

Since our last visit to the Animal Kingdom they added a new roller coaster - Expedition Everest. It is very cool! As you travel inside the mountain you meet up with a HUGE Yeti who roars and grabs at your car. I guess it's the biggest animatronic in any of the parks and looks so realistic.

Here's a closer view of the coaster coming out of the side of the mountain.

From almost every spot in the park the Tree of Life is visible. This is a magnificently, detailed work of art. The trunk is intricately carved with all sorts of animals, birds and insects. From every angle you can see different animals intertwined to make up the enormous tree. One of my favorite 3-D shows, It's Tough to Be a Bug, is located inside the tree. This is a picture of my hubby and I in front of the Tree of Life.

Here's a fun fact about the Tree of Life: Ten artists and three Imagineers worked full-time for 18 months to create the 325 animal carvings on The Tree of Life. Sculptors had between six and 10 hours to create the finished image before the plaster hardened.

Hope you enjoyed these photos. Hopefully I'll get some stamping time in later and have something stamp related to share tomorrow. Someone asked in my last post what kind of camera I used to take the beach photos. I have a Canon Digital Rebel XTi. I just LOVE it so far and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to buy a new camera.


Denise~ said...

Great photos Lynn! TFS!! I love Disney and I would agree that Animal Kingdom is my fav too. So much to see and of course all those animals! Looks like you had an awesome time! :)

Anonymous said...

I've never been, but am really interested now.


Erin... said...

glad you had a great trip!! Isn't Everest so much fun and the view from the top is amazing!!

Dorothy said...

Oh my gosh! How funny that you posted these pictures! I'm going to Disney's Animal Kingdom next week myself!!! I live in Florida and I've never been! Can you belive it!? I was so excited to see your pictures and now I'm even more excited to go!!! Thank you!!! Also, thank you for telling me what kind of camera you have. My hubby wants one for his birthday... so I'll check into this one for sure. :) Thanks again!!!

Vicki Parson said...

WOW! What fun!! The pictures are amazing!! :) TFS!!

Glitter Monkey said...

Thanks for sharing these amazing pictures! It looks absolutely astounding ..... and that sunset! WOWZER! Lol Lynn x