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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

In My Garden

I'll start off today by saying, don't ask me about the Red Wings! They were sooo close...less than 30 seconds to be exact, from winning The Cup. that's when Pittsburgh scored their 3rd goal to tie up the game and send it into over time. After sitting through triple over time, the Wings ended up losing. It's not over they're heading back to Pittsburgh. Hope I didn't jinx them with yesterdays card. Now lets change the subject...

I was out working in my garden yesterday and some of the flowers blooming were just so pretty I had to grab my camera. I just love the flower shown in this first photo.It is something I picked up at a small family run greenhouse not too far from here. They have a good variety of plants for reasonable prices, but they don't put the little picks that tell you what the plant is. That is written on each greenhouse as you enter...and of course I don't remember what this particular plant is called. I love the colors and the velvety petals. This flower actually inspired me to make a card. It is not quite finished...but I promise to share it later. Here's another bloom of the same variety, just a different color. They open when the sunlight hits them and close up at night. Edited to add: My curiosity got the best of me and I had to do a search to find out what this daisy-like flower was called. All I could remember was that I thought it started with a "G". I found the name in one of my seed catalogs, it's called a Gazania. Mystery solved!

Right now the only perennials blooming in my garden are the Iris. I have a few different varieties, just don't ask me the names. ;-) One plant is really special because it came from a group originally planted by my hubby's Grandma. The color of these are a bit unusual from what I normally think of when I envision an Iris. The creamy yellow petals look like they were lightly dusted with cocoa, and they shimmer in the sunlight...just beautiful. You really have to click on this photo to really see the beautiful detail of this flower.

Now when I think of Iris's the color of this variety is what I normally think of.

Yesterday was a big day for spiders in my garden. Unfortunately one decided to come inside with my hair *shudders at the thought* ! YUK! I hate spiders! I don't mind them outside where they're supposed to by...but not inside, and especially not crawling on me!

I always have a few helpers when I'm working in my garden. Here's Magglio, AKA Stinker.

Ahhhhhhh...the life of a cat! Laying around napping or playing all day only to worry about when you're getting your next meal. Here's my girl Kahlua, AKA Little LuLu. Isn't she pretty? She will actually strike a pose for me...when she's in the mood that is! Yesterday I guess she was because I got several really nice photos of her. Now Magglio on the other hand...he's almost always on the move and has always been really hard to capture a good photo of him. Hope you enjoyed my mini garden tour! I hope to be back later with a card inspired by my first photo. Enjoy your day!


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about the Wings! UGH!!!! I think you have zinnias there...??? Your kitties are adorable and your garden looks gorgeous. Can't wait to see your card...


Denise Clark said...

I see some similarities here...we love gardening too and we also have a turtoise shell cat named Lacey! Your flowers are beautiful! Do you plant veggies too?


Heather said...

Beautiful Flowers!! I think I have one like that orange one.

Lynda K said...

You will so enjoy the Gazanias they bloom all summer and their vibrant colors are wonderful!

~Denise Lynn~ said...

Your cats are sooo BEAUTIFUL! Ohh to be a cat and just lounge around. Gorgeous flowers too. :)