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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

I am not in London England!

I have not been held at gunpoint while all my belongings have been stolen, and I have not contacted you to wire me money so that me and my family could return home! Thank God! If you got an email from "me" stating the above, I AM SO SORRY! Some lowlife, scumbag hacked my google account and sent a message looking for money to all my contacts! I spent most of my day trying to get it straightened out. I was just now able to log into my blogger account to post something here.

I have received so many phone calls today from concerned family & friends, which I kind of expected. I was also very pleasantly surprised by several friends who only know me by reading my blog, who took the time to call me to make sure everything was OK. I was really touched by that, so I wanted say thank you to everyone who called...that was very kind. I sure hope that nobody fell for the scam! I feel bad enough that so many people were sent the email. They even went so far as to post to a message group that I belong to...can you believe that?

In the future, if this had been an actual message from me requesting money it would probably be due to the size of my wish list and all the items I want from the new IB&C. Combined with getting a glimpse of the fantastic upcoming holiday just pushed me over the edge! So please everyone...deposit $$ directly into my SU! account! (just kidding!!! :-)  Well, the begging for money part anyways...the wish list for the new IB&C combined with the upcoming holiday mini is WAY out of that part was real. ;-)
But seriously, I am SO SORRY if you received that hoax email sent from my email account. I hope I will never be in a situation that desperate to have to resort to something like that, but it's nice to know that so many people cared.


Karen said...

Gosh Lynn - thats terrible! Don't these people have a life?? So glad to know you are ok though.......that email will surely have given some peope a scare!


Nancy Riley said...

You're so cute! What a great way to get free Stampin' Up! products! Just kidding!

Glad you're OK!

Terry Molineux said...

Lynn I knew it was a hoax when I first got it and just deleted for fear of a virus....sorry it happened to you and thought nothing bad about you or blamed you..the internet really isn't a safe place!

Pat's little corner of the world said...

Well I for one was glad I got the E-Mail..Only because I was so bothered by it that I got your Phone no. and called you. I got to talk to you. I feel like I know you now, you are not just a blogger buddy any more but a friend. I'll be calling you back with the info you asked me for and I forgot to give it to you.
Your blogger buddy.

DonnaJ9 said...

Awww Lynn, I'm sorry. Something similar happened to me when some guy in Nigeria hacked into my Ebay account and tried to order $8000 worth of electronics. Luckily no one fell for his game and no product was sent out. Foolishly I also had the same password for both email accounts, so I was locked out of that too. What a mess getting all of THAT straightened out! The only funny part was seeing all the letters he had sent in my name and signed as "Mr. Donna".

I hope it's all OK for you now too!

stampinsue said...

Lynn - guess I wasn't the only one who called! Funny thing is, unless I missed it, the hacker didn't say where to send money, anyway!

jorie said...

Please, Ladies, be careful. My elderly Mother - 81 - was just the victim of a phone scam in an amount just over $12,000.00. The detectives said the calls are routed thru Toronto from the Ukraine. The caller told her he was her Grandson and he was in NYC and just had a terrible accident and needed money fast. In a panic, she wired the money. There have also been several SU demos who have had their address books hacked. My daughter being one of them!!!

Sue said...

These scams have been going on for ages...I also received such an e-mail and called the person..she was home and safe :-) If it looks probably is :-)

mamia (me and mine in Alabama) said...

Oh my goodness!! The same thing happened to a friend of mine, same story and everything! That scammer has been busy, if they worked that hard at a real job they wouldn't need to scam people!