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Thursday, March 29, 2012

There's no turning back now!

Guess what project I started on Tuesday? I am re-doing my stampin' space! Not just re-organizing, but I'm finally going to paint and get new carpet! When we moved into our home 16 years ago, the entire house needed to be painted...which we did before we moved in. To keep it simple, we went with a blah, off white in every room. At the time I was a decorative painter who sold my wood crafts at craft shows and consignment shops, so I used my room for that. Like I said, it was painted quickly in Blah Off White (I'm pretty sure that was the paint chip color! ;-) and the horrible brown & gold carpet was left as my room was filled with supplies.

Not too long after moving in I knocked over a container of Black Magic India Ink while working on a calligraphy project. It fell onto the floor and messed up the "beautiful carpet" I described above. Remember in the story The Cat in the Hat where they tried to clean up a spot and it just kept getter bigger? That's what happened when I tried to clean up the ink stain on my carpet. So I had to let it stay and put a throw rug over it. Here's a look at my dirty little secret.

It will be so nice to get rid of that carpet and the throw rug I always trip over! I already picked out my wall will be a little lighter than Certainly Celery, and it certainly will make the room brighter and more inspiring! If you want to take a "tour" of how my room looked before, check out these posts. My room looks basically the same, only picture more tools & supplies out growing my present storage solutions, (amazing how that happens!) thus creating more clutter than shown in the last photos.

With the addition of pretty color on the wall and new carpet on the floor, I hope to also create better storage, have a space where a friend can join me to stamp in my room (instead of dragging out all my supplies to adjoining room) and I also plan to add a Big Shot work station...which is now in the room right outside my stamping space.

So far I've cleaned out a lot of my supplies, picked out and tested paint samples and gotten rid of some stuff. Tomorrow my husband has the day off, so I hope to be ready to move out the big pieces of furniture and be ready to paint the ceiling.

Funny thing...back in June of 2010 when I last shared my stampin' space here, this is how I ended my tour: "Next time I share my stampin' space with you I hope it's because I got ambitious enough to haul everything out of there to paint and replace the hideous carpet!"

That time has come...and there's no turning back!

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