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Monday, April 02, 2012

I've got an organized mess

Another Sale-a-Bration is behind sad it went by so fast! A big thanks to everyone who placed orders with me or attended one of my classes during sure was fun and I appreciate it! I drew a name from those who placed orders for the Everyday Enchantment Note Pad Set and Mary was the lucky winner! I hope to have that mailed out to you in the next couple days Mary, but as I said in my email to you I'm hoping to be able to find my tools & supplies needed to personalize your set. I'm in the middle of my Rubber Room Renovation! and there are boxes of stuff EVERYWHERE!!!

I really did try to plan and keep a small space open with my most used tools available so I could stamp if I needed to BUT...where did all this stuff come from!? I think I may have been only a few packs of paper short of being on an episode of Hoarders!

I think I need a bigger box! I didn't think I had that much ribbon!? (shhh...I also have a whole other large bin hidden away) Look at this unorganized mess I found...I don't know who could have done this???
At least I didn't find any long lost pets under any of my piles of stuff! (Hey, I saw it on an episode of I'm not that bad!) I intend to make much better use of this 2 drawer cabinet once I put my room back together. (where have I heard that before?) These drawers held mostly painting supplies, (and whatever else I could cram in there) which are now better organized on a shelf in my utility room. Don't worry...I had help packing up my room...
I think Stevie had to jump inside every box I tried to I even started to pile paper in on top of him, and he didn't seem to mind. (I guess he missed that episode of  Hoarders I mentioned above!)
"Why do you have so much stuff!?", is what he was asking me in this photo. Hmmm...I asked myself the same thing!

Besides Stevie, I actually had some real help. Thanks to my wonderful hubby, the ugly carpet is now outta there! (Along with all the heavy furniture.) He even removed all the trim for me. (The previous owner had the room painted turquoise.) By the window I tested out my paint colors...Certainly Celery on the walls and Pool party for my peg board.
The room looks so much better without that nasty carpet! Here's another view, looking towards the closet.
Yesterday I put two coats of bright white on my ceiling, painted my peg board in Pool Party, and painted some of the trim in a glossy white. I'm so glad to be done with the ceiling...that has to be one of my least favorite things to do. It's such a killer on the neck, not to mention paint splatters all over face & hair...and trust me, I don't need any more white hair! Today I'm on to the walls, and I think Certainly Celery will look so much nicer in my hair than the white ceiling paint did!


Raven said...

Thanks so much for sharing your scrap room renovation! I can not wait to see the end results. Could you please share where and how you went about getting your paints in SU colors? I am hoping to do that when I have a permanent scrapping and stamping space of my own!

Thanks again,

Denise Willerton said...

I can't wait to see the reveal Lynn :-)

Julie said...

I am excited to see your finished space; I love re-organizing and remodeling neat to see the changes. Hope you are having fun in the midst of the hard work. TFS!

Lynn said...

Thanks for the encouraging comments! To Raven who asked about paint colors...It's super easy, just take a piece of card stock to Home Depot and they can color match it for you.

Donna said...

I love watching room renovations! Yours will be great fun to see the changes and it will be like having a whole new room!

Stevie is adorable, is he a Maine Coon? He looks like my Boots who we believe has some Maine Coon in her. I'll have to post some pics on my blog, she may be in some of them.

Donna said...

Me again, I found Boots. Just search on my blog for Boots - she's in last Easter's pictures. haha!

Diana Gibbs said...

I'm laughing every time I see the kitty, it's like Where's Waldo.