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Thursday, November 06, 2014

Too Busy Clowning Around...

I've been so crazy busy this past month that I haven't had much time to post...sorry about that! We had our annual Halloween party this past weekend, and we spent a LOT of time getting ready for that. We hold the party in our barn, so we have to clear it of all tools, etc that are normally out there in order to transform it into a totally creepy, haunted space complete with zombies, witches, etc... It is mostly fun getting out all the props and creating new ones each year...but now I am stuck with the dreaded task of putting it all away until next year...not so fun!

I do have a card to share with you, but thought first I'd create a post sharing some of my Halloween creations, costumes & decor that I spent the better part of the month of October working on. So here goes...

New this year are these 7 foot columns topped with gargoyles at the entrance to our graveyard...which you must walk through to enter the barn. My hubby & I built them which turned out to be a much more time consuming task than I bargained for since neither one of us could be considered carpenters, lol. We got it done with very few arguments and are pretty happy with how they turned out.
Once we finished building them I painted the pillars and added some dry brush detail to the gargoyles and a little moss to make them look like they've been there a while.

No Halloween party is complete without a few carved pumpkins! Here are the ones we carved this our "little helper" Stevie.

I carved the grim's another shot of him.
Along with pumpkins and decor we had to have costumes for the party, right? Here's my hubby & I clowning around at the party...
I don't sew, but I'm good with a glue gun! I was lucky to find the major pieces for our costumes at a thrift shop. (I know, it's hard to believe my hubby didn't already have those pants and shirt in his closet!) Have you seen the show American Horror Story? This year they have a creepy clown named Twisty on the show. I did my make up inspired by Twisty the Clown.
I even used a few Stampin' Up! products for my necklace...see the Basic Rhinestone jewels and the black Raven Lace on the skeleton hand cuffs? Here's the full view of my costume.
We had some pretty amazing costumes at our party this year...check out a couple of the winners:
This is my friend Amy as the Ice Queen. She won the award for the Most Creative costume. She looked just gorgeous with so many exquisite details including her staff which lit up and changed colors. We also had a couple of Green Army Men who hammed it up and stayed in character for a good part of the night.
They won the award for the Best Couple. I always try to come up with something different each year for the prizes...this year I made Boney Awards. I forgot to get a good photo prior to handing them out...but here are 3 of them...
The Boney Awards were "engraved" with category & date and of course made of solid gold! (spraypaint!;-) 

My dear Auntie who loves SU! came as a ghostly bride. Check out her headpiece...she used the Spiral Flower Die to create black roses for her costume.
We had a lot of good food...I make some and our guests bring some. I loved the guacamole puking pumpkin and deviled eggs with "spiders" on top that a couple guests brought. By the end of the night we have a hard time fitting all the food onto the buffet tables, so I tried to create some layers by raising some plates up higher. Here's one of the risers I created...
It's an urn planter that I picked up at the thrift store, spray painted it and added some Witch's Brew Washi Tape and a glittered spider. I forgot to take a photo at the party with my platter full of goodies, but it did work out well and I plan to make some more for next year. 

Some of the potion bottles I've made over the years are displayed in my witches cabinet...
Despite the bone-chilling cold weather, we had a good turn out...approximately 70 guests, most of which wore a costume. So it was definitely worth all of our hard work because we had a lot of fun seeing everyone and we made some great memories. Be on the lookout for scrapbook pages soon...In the meantime, I DO have a card to share as well, but will make a new post.

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