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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Oh no...I've been tagged!

Does this mean I'm part of the "in crowd" now? hehehe I was tagged by Melanie from Rubbapalooza go check out her awesome blog. (love the name too!) This is the 1st time I've been tagged and I guess I'm supposed to list 7 random things about myself and then go tag some other bloggers. Lets see...

I was born on 6-6-6* (I'll leave the actual year to your imagination!) and I weighed 6lbs 6 oz. No, I don't have any horns or a 666 tattooed on my head! However, I did spend my birthday before last - 6-6-06, in Hell (Michigan)!

Along with Christmas, my other favorite holiday is Halloween. I spend most of my free time during the month of October decorating for our annual Halloween party and making our costumes.

I love rocks. I think just about every vacation I've ever been on since I was a kid I've brought home an interesting rock or stone I picked up along the way. So far, my very best find to date was when I was looking for Petoskey stones up in Northern Michigan (the only place they can be found) and I scooped up a handful of rocks out of the water in Skegemog Lake in front of my Uncles house and laying in my hand was a perfect arrow head! My older cousins all tried to trade me Petoskey stones for it...but no way! I still have it, and it remains one of my prised possessions.

Another type of rock I like is rock music. I've been to hundreds of concerts since my first one back in 1980 (ZZ Top). I like good old classic rock with a few newer bands thrown into the mix. My favorite show to date was back in the early 90's - Page & Plant during their first post-Zeppelin tour. Unfortunately I never had the pleasure of seeing led Zeppelin live, so that was the next best thing.

I have always been fascinated with anything to do with Native American culture. That is reflected in the south-western decor I have downstairs in our family room/stamping class room.

My Mom's 2nd cousin (and I guess my 3rd cousin?)was the late Dana Reeve- wife of actor Christopher Reeve. (She was my grandma's nephew's daughter) It is a shame we never got to meet her, but I greatly admired her as a strong, caring and courageous woman.

I love to go to garage sales! I have found some pretty cool stuff! One of my best bargains was a Kitchen Aid professional mixer- like brand new for $20! That was a lucky day for me because later on that morning I went to another sale and found an antique Singer sewing machine that was in really good condition for only $40. It even had the original owners manual in one of the little drawers. My Mom had always wanted one, and it was the weekend before Mother's Day. I couldn't wait to give it to her! Of course she loved it!

So, was that random enough? Now I need to look for some unsuspecting bloggers who haven't been tagged yet...

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While on the search, I found I was tagged again by Denise ...please don't make me have to think up 7 more random things!


Melanie S said...

LOL! Holy snickies! I think you could be "ME" in just in a different state. Practically everything you mentioned is something I enjoy doing or am interested in. Isn't that CraZy?

LOL on your 666 birthday. That's WILD! Thanks for playing.

Denise ~ said...

LOL, you don't need to come up with anything else! I was tagged by Katie and didn't know the rules. So I tried to tag others, but then wasn't sure what to do after that. I think that we've all been tagged more than once! We're all part of the club now! :)